Why Coaches are Vital for School Sports Programs in India

Why Coaches are Vital for School Sports Programs in India

In an era of rapid advancement, sports, and physical education have taken a pivotal role in schools, playing an integral part in the holistic development of students. Notably, specialist coaches serve as crucial guides, significantly impacting the overall health of children.

With about 29% of the population under the age of 14, as per the World Bank (2021), India has a promising demographic to improve its stance in international sports. However, this potential can only be realized through quality training, which underscores the necessity for specialist coaches.

Specialist coaches offer expertise in precise techniques and safety, vital in preventing sports-related injuries in children, as highlighted by the American Academy of Pediatrics (2018). These coaches, with their in-depth knowledge and experience, can provide guidance to perform these techniques accurately.

While sports like cricket and football have traditionally dominated in India, there’s a growing interest in other sports like badminton, athletics, table tennis, and tennis. Each of these sports requires a unique skill set, game understanding, and fitness level. A specialist coach can provide the specific training necessary for these sports, going beyond the scope of what a general PE teacher can offer.

A perfect exemplification of this model’s success is Push Sports. They excel in managing in-school and after-school programs, providing schools with a practical and profitable solution. Push Sports oversees the creation and monetization of sports arenas, assuring a considerable return on investment for schools, thus freeing them from the burden of managing and hiring a diverse team of coaches.

Moreover, the World Health Organization (2017) emphasizes the correlation between physical activity and improved mental health, lower risk of obesity, and enhanced social skills in children. Specialist coaches, adept in child development and sports science, can curate customized training programs that maximize these benefits.

As pointed out by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (2018), it’s also essential to inculcate lifelong healthy habits in children. This includes education on regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and sufficient rest. A specialist coach is well-equipped to instruct students about these essential health aspects.

Embracing specialist coaches, like those from Push Sports, can redefine sports programs in Indian schools. This investment can nurture young talents and ensure healthier children, significantly improving India’s sports landscape and positively impacting the nation’s overall child health statistics.


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