A Guide on How to Choose the Best Cricket Kit for You

A Guide on How to Choose the Best Cricket Kit for You

Cricket is one of the most popular sport in the world and no need to say it is the part of daily life of many sports lover. Not only professional cricketer but it is also loved by common people like kids, teenagers, and person from any profession. But when it comes to playing cricket the role of a proper cricket kit is very important which can not only ensure the safety and but also increase the level of joy.

Cricket kit

If proper and right cricket equipment and accessories are chosen then it definitely enhances the performance of the player and also reduce the scope of any injury caused by the wrong equipment. Several things are kept in mind while buying the cricket accessories &equipment like for whom they are bought, or are they bought for practise match or a proper tournament, by a novice or an experienced professional cricketer, etc

Cricket Equipment

There are different types of cricket equipment like bat, ball, footwear, accessories, protective equipment like elbow guard, helmet, leg guard, etc. So if you are looking to buy these equipment to make a complete cricket kit then below we have mentioned some important points to consider before buying these:

Cricket Bats

Cricket Bats

While choosing a right bat, there are some points which you should keep in mind like your age, your height, your batting style, bat size, bat weight, willow type, bat’s balance, and off course the budget. We will suggest you choose the bat according to your needs, if you are kid then choose long handle bat, if adult then choose short handle bat; if you want low budget then Kashmir willow bat is best suitable for beginners or casual players; if you want top quality bat then English willow will be the perfect choice if budget is no bar. Apart from this it will be helpful of you test the bat personally at the shop itself or if you are planning to buy bat online then thoroughly check all the details and customer reviews before buying. If you are member of any cricket academy then you can consult your coach or mentor, who can help you chose the right bat for you. At last but not the least, do not compromise with the comfort, it may take time to find which bat is more comfortable for you, so take your time, test different bats and then finally make your decision.

Cricket Balls

Cricket Ball

Choosing right cricket ball is also as important as choosing the right bat. There are different types of ball like red, pink and white colour according to different type of cricket matches they are used in. Apart from this one should also consider some conditions like the pitch condition(grass, artificial or cemented surface), budget and the purpose before buying the cricket ball. Tightly stitched, proper weight (5.5 to 5.75 ounce), quality of the core material, leather quality, and seam are some of the important factors which one should consider before buying the right ball.  High quality balls are little bit costlier but provide durability and good performance on the cricket ground.

Protective Equipment

cricket protection kit

After selecting right bat and ball, protective cricket equipment are very important as these are the gears which provide you all safety and ensure you that you are not injured while playing the game. When it comes to cricket protective gears then some most popular gears are helmets, batting pads, wicket keeping gloves, wicket keeping pads, abdominal guards, thigh & elbow guards, fielding gloves, and more. Before buying, always consider your requirement, proper fitting, comfort, budget,durability, certifications, brand, and customer feedback.


Cricket Shoes

A right cricket footwear or shoes are very necessary for playing cricket as other gears are. While choosing or buying cricket shoes there are various things which should be kept in mind like type of ground, grip, comfort, cushioning, durability, flexibility and weight of the shoes. If you play on artificial turf then rubber soled shoes are good choice, but if you have to play on natural grass turf then turf shoes with spikes or small rubber studs for good grip would be a nice choice. And for rest of the features i.e. comfort, flexibility, fitting, durability and weight you should go for a good brand without compromising with the quality.But before buying a pair of right cricket shoes take trial and ensure that the comfort and fitting level are optimal.

Training Aids

cricket gloves

There are some training aids which are also very useful in cricket training sessions e.g. catching mitts, batting tees, training cones, fielding targets, markers, ball thrower, bowling targets, etc are some of the training aids which help in cricket training. If you have already joined a cricket club or academy then you don’t need to worry, as such training aids are easily available at such academies. But if budget is not the problem and you are a passionate cricketer then buying these aids will add more value to your cricket kit. These cricket training aids are easily available in the market or you can also buy them online


cricket cap

Making the best cricket kit is never complete without including some important cricket accessories which also play very important role to make your kit perfect. In cricket accessories you must include cricket stumps & bails, cricket cap, bat grips, umpire hats, right size cricket bag with multiple compartment, sunglasses, cricket jersey, etc. And if it is winter then a cricket jacket or half sleeve cricket sweater should also be important part of your cricket accessories. Buying for these accessories doesn’t need any particular expertise, just choose according to your need, fitting, budget and the quality.

Personal Care & First Aid

Cricket safety kit

At last but not the least, a personal care and first aid will also be very helpful if you include this in your cricket kit. In this you can include a good SPF sunscreen, arm sleeves, insulated water bottle, insect repellent, bandages, antiseptic cream, etc. which will be very useful for you. You can buy these products any online store or offline store near your location.

So don’t wait and start your shopping spree to buy all of the mentioned gears and accessories to make a best cricket kit for you. And don’t forget to do some research and analysis from your end about each of these equipment and accessories before buying them. So jump start you cricket career or continue your passion for playing cricket. Apart from all of the above mentioned gear and accessories you would also like to buy cricket outfits like cricket jersey, cricket lower, cricket track suit, cricket jacket, etc. which are also very easily available at offline and online stores.

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